Physical Aids For The Disabled

Physical Aids For The Disabled
Physical Aids For The Disabled
The Physical Aids For The Disabled - A variety of specially designed or adapted articles are available to help disabled people carry out everyday activities. Such aids
include prostheses, supports, and mobility aids to improve disabled people’s general functioning, as well as items designed to help them perform specific tasks more easily.

Devices that help vision, hearing, and movement improve the ability of disabled people to cope with all aspects of daily life. Such devices include walking frames, glasses, hearingaids, artificial limbs, corsets, and wheelchairs. For people with very severe conditions, ventilators, home dialysis, and artificial feeding devices are used to sustain life.

There are various household aids available that can help people to cook, feed themselves, wash, dress, use the toilet, and get in and out of beds and chairs. Specially designed furniture and other devices can help disabled parents to care for their children. Sexual aids can facilitate an active sex life.


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