developmental hip dysplasia

The developmental hip dysplasia - A disorder present at birth in which the head of the femur (thigh-bone) fails to fit properly into the cup-like socket in the pelvis to form a normal joint. One or both of the hips may be affected.


The cause of developmental hip dysplasia is not known.The condition is more common in girls, especially in babies born by breech delivery or following pregnancies in which there was an abnormally small amount of amniotic fluid surrounding the fetus.

If the dislocation is detected in early infancy, splints are applied to the thigh to manoeuvre the ball of the joint into the socket and keep it in position.These
splints are worn for about three months and usually correct the problem. Progress may be monitored by ultrasound scanning and X-rays. Corrective surgery may also be required.

If treatment is delayed, there may be lifelong problems with walking. Without treatment, the dislocation often leads to shortening of the leg, limping, and early osteoarthritis in the joint.


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