The detoxify - To remove the toxicity (the poisonous property) from a substance or to neutralize the substance’s toxic effects.

Detoxification is one of the functions carried out by the liver. The term “detoxification” is used to describe treatment for alcohol dependence and also a short-term diet in which toxins such as caffeine and alcohol are excluded and foods high in fats and sugar are avoided. “Detox” diets are usually based on fruits, vegetables,
starches such as brown rice, and drinking plenty of water.

People who follow these diets often feel physically and mentally refreshed afterwards, although there is no scientific evidence that the diets eliminate toxins faster than normal.

Detox diets should be used only for a few days, and preferably with guidance from a doctor or dietician. They are not recommended for children or adolescents, people with diabetes mellitus or eating disorders, or those who have any other medical condition.


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