Preparing a Sterile Field Using a Packaged Sterile Drape

Goal: The sterile field is created without contamination and the patient remains free of exposure to potential infectioncausing microorganisms.

1. Perform hand hygiene and put on PPE, if indicated.

2. Identify the patient. Explain the procedure to the patient.

3. Check that packaged sterile drape is dry and unopened. Also note expiration date, making sure that the date is still valid.

4. Select a work area that is waist level or higher.

5. Open the outer covering of the drape. Remove sterile drape, lifting it carefully by its corners. Hold away from body and above the waist and work surface.

6. Continue to hold only by the corners. Allow the drape to unfold, away from your body and any other surface.

7. Position the drape on the work surface with the moistureproof side down. This would be the shiny or blue side. Avoid touching any other surface or object with the drape. If any portion of the drape hangs off the work surface, that part of the drape is considered contaminated.

8. Place additional sterile items on field as needed. Refer to Skill 4-5. Continue with the procedure as indicated.

9. When procedure is completed, remove PPE, if used. Perform hand hygiene.


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